Objects of My Confection

I worked at a bakery all through college "Sweet Magnolia" here in Lexington. I started out answering phones and taking orders with ZERO cake baking or decorating experience... one fateful day, the full time decorator was out and a cake was in need of decorating... It was all over from there!
I'm clearly still not very experienced but it's fun and I love it... here are a few of my favorites!

Pre polka dotted Baby Shower Cake for baby Sebastian!

Post polka dots 

For a sweet little girl who LOVES her pup! 

This one was a Hoot! Ha. 

Some cuppy cakes! 

Red Sox birthday! 

This one traveled a long way and needed surgery when it arrived at the event... 

Birthday for a shark week fan! 

One of my favorites! The peace sign was 3D!

Pardon the terrible lighting... 

The top of my giant Valentine's Day cupcake!