Miss Lucy

I. am. not. a. crazy. cat. lady. 

I know what you're thinking... "Dost thou protest too much?" No, I don't. I'm REALLY not a crazy cat lady. In fact, I don't even particularly like cats. I would MUCH rather have a huge, drooling, shedding, barking dog than a cat. 
 However... I have found myself the accidental owner of this little monster... 

Meet LucyBird. 

Oh I know she looks like le butter colored fluff sitting so demurely on her green chair. Wrong. She's sharp and bitey (yet hilarious and occasionally sweet) so don't let her incessant purring and gigantic fluffy tail fool you. I have come to love her, just a little, over the past year and a half. You'll probably hear about Lucy and her adventures/temper tantrums from time to time so I wanted to introduce you!